JST Compete programming works wonders!

I started in the summer 2014 and have already made immense progress from the genius programming of Steven Fawcett!

I really like how well balanced it is, and how you have an options of choosing plans that is directly targeted at specific competitions or general well being. I can highly recommend it for everyone. If you are a newcomer, mediocre or a high level athlete, JST will definitely have a program to help you towards your goals.
— Phil Thun Bisgaard
I have been following JST Compete programming for a little under 6 months and it has made an incredible difference to my performance. I used to just do my own thing, picking workouts here and there from different sites and Instagram. I always thought it was all about increasing GPP (General Physical Preparedness). Whilst that is great, it doesn’t actually carry over to competing at a high level in CrossFit or other fitness racing type competitions.

With JST Compete there are clear periodised blocks designed to maintain base levels in some areas whilst making improvements in others. This periodisation has had the most significant positive impact on my training. For example, in the off season just after The Open, the focus was building a solid aerobic base whilst maintaining strength numbers. I PR’d my 12 min Copper Test, 20 min row and 30 min bike without dropping a single kilo of my 1RM Snatch or C&J.

We are now coming to the end of the strength cycle of both Olympic lifts and strict gymnastics. I have added 10 kg to both the snatch and clean and increased my max rep unbroken gymnastics by 25-30%. The way the programme is written gives you the confidence to go hard when you retest with the expectation of a PR. You consistently progress along the way by doing variations of your test such as lifts from the hang, blocks, etc. These “mini PRs” are great to keep mentally motivated and allow me to push and get the most out of my body physically.

I am really excited about the next phase and cycle where we will focus on conditioning to peak for the CrossFit Games Open. The knowledge behind JST Compete, the support network they have created (via members FB group) combined with specific training days at JST makes it the best programme I have ever followed.
— Ben Massey, CrossFit Games Athlete & Co-Owner CrossFit Twickenham
The JST Compete Programming has clear focus and consistency. Training cycles are defined and you know what you’re working towards. Combine this with a support network of many of the U.K’s top athletes and it’s the full package. Highly recommended.
— Jamie Walton, Owner CrossFit Northumbria & Co-Owner Gym Guides
As an older athlete quality of training is more important than quantity. Since switching to the JST Masters Programme I have felt more motivated and invigorated. I used to dread some sessions. I now look forward to training knowing that it has been programmed intelligently to suit my needs.
— Paul Hopper, Masters Athlete.
As a coach the help and guidance I have received from Steve and Jak with the individualised programming they have provided for our athletes has been invaluable, the extra detail in the programming has shown great results and saw our teen athlete Murtaza Nadeem qualify for the Games 2017.
— Mark Brine, Head Coach & Owner CrossFit Rotherham
Since following the JST programming I have seen great results especially in the gymnastic elements of CrossFit. I have received great advice and mentoring from Steve and the JST team which saw me finish sixth in the CrossFit Games 2017 Teen Division.
— Murtaza Nadeem, Teen Athlete, CrossFit Rotherham
Joining the program was a natural next step after attending several Best of British Camps. I’m now on a personalised program as I’m still relatively new to CrossFit. It gives me the peace of mind that I’m 110% focused on maximising my strengths and minimising my weaknesses. Every session is discovery and I’m enjoying every moment of improvement!
— Hugh RB