Limitations Programme

Working around the odd niggle here and there can come hand in hand with being a competitive CrossFitter. That can make following a programme a complicated task if you aren’t aware of how to substitute exercises to work around your issues. We believe the odd niggle shouldn’t keep you out of training!
Our new Limitation programmes are designed to keep you in training around your niggles, giving you alternatives and guidelines around exercises that may be too much of a discomfort to complete as the programme prescribes.
- Perfect if individual coaching is out of your price bracket - Keep you in training and working towards your goals
- Give you alternative exercises to keep the training stimulus
- Advice on potential exercises that may help relieve pain and/or equal out any imbalances
- 3 separate programmes; Knee limitation, Hip/Back limitation and Shoulder limitation
- Available for no extra cost to all #JSTAthletes
We still recommend seeking professional advice to get to the bottom of your issues - these programmes will keep you progressing in other areas, keeping you on track and in training!

Crossfit Games OPen 2019 - Strength BIAS 

Available in one or two sessions per day formats

This programme Is currently running through a base strength cycle. Looking at laying a strength foundation to build on when it progresses into the next training phase. The focus is to build muscle mass and a strength foundation in squats, deadlifts and presses. With plenty of focus on strengthening positions in snatch and clean and jerk. There is daily gymnastics sessions, working on strict and kipping movements but there is a reduction in aerobic system work to enable maximal improvements in strength. 

£40 per month

Crossfit Games OPen 2019 - ENGINE BIAS

Two sessions per day

This programme will focus on building a large aerobic base. The area that a lot of crossfitters have neglected due to a lack of high level team sports or endurance prior to competing in CrossFit. It will run through cycle’s of the different energy systems and make sure that your engine is at an all time high when it comes round to the open! Strength work will still be worked on but the main aim will be to maintain your strength numbers whilst building your capacity!

£40 per month


One session per day

We have teamed up with Matt James from Jacked Gymnastics to provide the Gymnastics Bias programme. This is perfect for people that haven’t got all the gymnastics nailed down whether it’s muscle ups, butterfly pull ups  and/or handstands.  The programme still involves conditioning, strength work and workouts with the added input from Matt to help improve your gymnastics skills.

£50 per month


Crossfit Games OPen 2019 - NO BIAS

Available in one or two sessions per day formats

An equal amount of strength work, conditioning and gymnastics. There will still be an off season, where movements and energy systems will be stripped back but this is mainly for the all rounder that wants to improve in all areas and be in peak condition for the 2019 Open!

£40 per month


Available in one or two sessions per day formats
This programme is not targetted at any specific competition. It will be competition phase programming all year round and will have an equal balance of strength, conditioning and gymnastics. This is perfect for the athletes who like to regularly enter competitions throughout the year. 

£40 per month


  • Tailored programme to your life style and work schedule

  • Regular contact with coach via message and FaceTime/ Skype

  • Designed to meet what you want and personal needs

  • Someone to hold you accountable

We recommend this to people who:

  • Are working round injuries

  • Have a limited time schedule

  • Have an unusual lifestyle / work schedule

  • Have clear cut weaknesses


Prices vary dependant on needs of athlete

See how you stack up against the other athletes on the programme.

See how you rank by individual movement.

Record and store your PB's.