Following on from us posting about the Open weekly schedule here is an overview of how you should structure your week from a nutrition point of view. What PH nutrition have given you here is inline with what we programme and gives you some great guidelines to follow.


Tuesday add an extra serving of fats to your main meals if you have repeated the workout. This is to aid muscle and nervous system recovery.

Day before the workout - Just eat a normal double training days calories and structure. Due to the lower output, you will naturally "carb load". No need to be shovelling 500g of pasta the night before.

The day of the workout should be a top up, do not be chasing it on this day. Know your routine and stick to it. Review and refine over the 5 weeks.

If repeating the workout, assess whether you could change something nutrition related or was it just down to skill, strategy or going HAM at the start. Nutrition is only part of the puzzle but makes sure it's on point so you don't need to worry about it being a factor thats negatively affecting you.

Stay hydrated each and every day. Simple win. Often overlooked in terms of performance enhancement.

If you are keen to get more support over the 5 weeks PH Nutrition have a specific open nutrition program that is live now. You can find this by clicking the button below

ILiam will also be posting in the group each week with a few tips and tricks for each workout!