The Open is about 4 weeks away and many of you will be looking to register in the next few weeks. With the opportunity to qualify for sanctioned events and see where you stack up against your fellow country men & women, we cant see much reason why you wouldn’t be signing up!

A question that a lot of people ask us coaches is "Shall I do it again?".

We are going to help you make this decision now so that when the Open rolls around you aren't worrying as to whether you should repeat or not. Taking more stress off you before it actually happens.

So first things first, how important is the Open in your overall plan? Have you been training specifically for it? If yes then this already answers our question if you should repeat the workout and just to be clear that answer is yes. If you are looking to qualify for a competition off the back of the Open then your answer is also yes you should repeat. If you want to see how your best matches up against everyone worldwide, in your country, in your box then yes you should also repeat.

But what if the Open isn't a priority for you or you have your eyes set on a competition in the not so distant future instead? Well you need to ask yourself how much do you want the Open to affect your training? If you are repeating it's going to affect it a lot more than if you don't. Doing the Open workouts once will give you a good idea of where you are at and what you need to work on moving forward to your competition. You can also use it as practice for your competition, treat each Open workout as a competition event. You've only got one shot so make sure your strategy is on point and you know exactly what you are going to do.

If you’re also just doing it for the fun, just do each workout once but make sure you feel prepared for that first attempt and soak in the Friday night lights at your local box going against your gym nemesis. Being prepared may mean that your food is really on point that day and the day before as well and that you've been drinking enough, had a good sleep the night before etc. See the workout as experience  if it doesn't go to plan accept it and eyes forward to the next getting stuck back into training in the meantime.

For those that have decided they are going to repeat, make sure you video your workout so you can look back on it and reflect on were you can go faster. Immediate post workout feels can be foggy but having actual footage will give you a clear idea of what you can brush up on for your repeat and where you can make up those essential seconds. Things we would do when watching your video back would include your splits of rounds/ times of finishing exercise, equipment set up - can it be more efficient, notes on whether you can move more efficiently on an exercise and a key word that your judge or a friend can say to you to remind you mid - workout. You should also feel more mentally prepared - you know what the pain is going to be like you have a better plan of how to attack the workout and you've already accepted you're going to repeat to make sure you've done the best you can.

So hopefully that’s helped you decide as to whether you should repeat or not.