YOU NEED A PLAN! Start by breaking up the 5km up into sections.

500m - The start

It’s important to get a good start on the rower, get the flywheel spinning and get straight to pace. You will probably get the pace to way below the pace you want to hold but that’s fine. Just gradually let that pace drop back as you also get into your stroke rate rhythm.

500m to 3000m - The chunk

This is where you need big focus. For a lot of this time you feel like the end is ages away. Instead of thinking how far is left, break this up into 5x500m. Each 500m have a different focus. 

500-1000m - Focus on perfect stroke length and rate. Keep your eyes glued to the S/M in the top right and make sure you keep to your planned rate. This will set you up with good rhythm for the rest of the row.

1000-1500m - The burn has started by now. So it’s important to focus on other factors. In this 500m take a look at your projected finish and how that changes with even a 1s split change in pace. That’s how important it is to keep to your pace throughout this middle section.

1500-2000m - With one eye on your pace to make sure it stays where it needs to be, think back on how many rowing sessions you have done to this point. The metres you have in the bank, the don’t disappear and you’ve learnt every metre of them. This middle section is where they pay dividends. Trust the work you’ve put in will help you over the line.

2000-2500m - Back to the stroke rate. Make sure it stays where it is. Long powerful strokes keeping connection through the handle. Keep the arms relaxed and make every stroke worth it!

2500-3000m - Count to 50 strokes, keeping your eyes glued to the pace. 50 great strokes!

3000-4000m - The grind

Focus on your breathing. Strong exhales will encourage big inhales - aim to get as much oxygen into the system here as possible. This is a BIG section. Think how good it will feel once you’ve finished when you’ve stayed in that uncomfortable place for much longer than you wanted to. Picture yourself looking back over the memory on the screen when looking back at your splits and how your pace didn’t drop at all during this section.

4000-4500m - The push

You’ve 1km left, no-one can take the hard work you’ve put in to the first 4km away from you. It’s been done and you can’t let it go to waste now. Start to take the stroke rate up by 2 S/M, this will help you keep speed if the power is dropping.

4500-4750m - HERE WE GO!

Depending on the average pace you have been keeping - that’s how long you have left! 5 sets of 5 strokes and you’ve got 250m left!

4750-5000m - The BIG FINISH

First 50m - Big powerful strokes, keeping a high stroke rate. Last 200m - As soon as you see the amount of metres left drop to sub 200m, that’s your cue. Not a single ounce is left in the system. Strong, fast and hard

pulls! Make sure you go all the way over the finish line, don’t stop rowing until the screen says 0m.



Stay sat down, put the handle in your lap and just sit still for 20s. Gradually start to slowly glide up and down the rower, moving the legs and bringing the breathing rate downMake sure you do that for at least 2 minutes before getting off. Spend the next 5 minutes sat on a bike just moving your legs.Top work!