A few of the JST Compete programmes have 1 and 2 sessions per day options. What is the difference in terms of training volume and is every day 2 sessions a day on that option?

The training content is the same between the two options. On the 1 session a day, the training volume is adjusted so that the full day of training will take no longer than 90 minute. If, for example, there is 2 hours of training on Tuesday on the 2 sessions per day option then the 1 session per day option will shave off 30 minutes of training volume across that day by dropping the 1-2 sets of each section of that days training.
It is possible to view both the 1 and 2 session per day options so that if one day or week you can put a bit more time into training then you can follow the 2 sessions option. Likewise, vice versa if you are shorter on time that week/day.

What happens if I can’t follow the programme 100% due to work/family commitments?

We encourage our athletes to always keep to current day of training. If for whatever reason you miss 1-2 days training then rather than trying to catch up - just follow the current day. On that note, if there is a certain section that you’ve missed but really is something you need to complete then swapping it out for something less important is fine. For example, you are on the Strength bias because strength is your weakness and you miss an important back squat session - replace a metcon with the back squats on the day you return to training.

What is the minimum commitment once going on the programme?

Financially, it is a 1 month rolling direct debit. So if after one month you need to cancel then that is you minimum financial commitment. We recommend to stick to the same programme for at least 6 months to see noticeable differences in your performance. 

I want to follow a competitive programme but I want to keep the odd class workout in at my affiliate, is this possible?

Yes, quite a few of the athletes that follow the programme do this. It’s important to keep a social side to your training so if keeping the odd class in your schedule helps with motivation then go ahead. We recommend to replace the metcon for that day with the class workout, just be aware of the movement involved in the class WOD and what you have done the day before or day after.

I train at home or in a globe gym and don’t always have access to all the equipment. Is it possible to still follow the programme?

If it’s a case of not being able to do 3-5 movements then we can give you substitute movements to work around it. If you are more limited than that then we’d recommend working with an individual coach to help programme around your situation.

How good do I need to be to follow one of your programmes?

There are two main factors which are important. The first is your understanding of movements - can you perform the majority of movements and understand the technique enough to perform them when training on your own. The second depends on how long you have done CrossFit for. We recommend atleast 6 months of training in your affiliate with regular coaching before joining.

What if I can’t do some of the harder movements like ring muscle ups/ HS walks? Can I still follow the programme?

Yes, we have a Gymnastics bias programme that is focussed towards athletes who want to develop those skills and either don’t yet have the capacity or their capacity isn’t big enough to be able to do those skills in WODs.

How do I work around an injury when following the programme?

We have 3 limitations programmes which can help keep you in training around your injury - Knee, back/hip and shoulder limited programmes. These will have alternative exercises so you can stay away from aggravating your injury yet still keep progressing in other areas. We recommend following a rehab programme from your physic along side.

Do you have a masters programme?

We don’t have a specific masters programme, but we have a lot of masters following the programme. We write the programmes with volume ranges and encourage athletes to complete the volume that feels right for them - we give a lot of help in our private athlete group to help around this.

Are there scaling options for movements I can’t do?

Yes, here is an example of a workout from our programme and the scaling options attached.

4 Rounds for time:
Row 500m
30 DB Snatch @ 1 x 22.5/15kg
10-20m HS Walk
10 Box jumps @ 30/24”

Scaling options for HS Walk;
If you can do HS Walk but 4 x 20m will take a way a lot of intensity out of the workout then drop to 10m per round. If you don’t yet have HS walks then sub for 40 shoulder taps against a wall.

What happens if I go on holiday when following the programme?

If you go on holiday, rather than stressing about still getting the programme in - enjoy the holiday and relax. When you are back to training, follow the programme on the current day but start with lower volume set ranges to gradually get yourself back into training.

I want to join the programme because my training partner follows the programme but we have different strengths/weaknesses/goals - what programmes should I follow?

We bare this in mind when writing the programmes. Every programme has a similar structure as to when the weightlifting/gymnastics/metcons are. So most of the time you will be doing the same type of training but adjustments made so you are still doing the training content relative to the programme you need to follow to improve. There is also regular workouts that are the same across every programme so you can compare your scores with everyone else on JST Compete.